STRM.TOOL was designed from the ground up to provide streamers and content creators with multiple valuable tools that are easy to use and setup. Connect and control multiple devices, PCs, and pieces of software, all from within STRM.TOOL

“Before I started using STRM.TOOL I thought that my community hated me. I found out soon that they didn’t hate me at all, They are just sadistic and love to torture me. STRM.TOOL Changed my life for the better…I think”


Channel points, bits, subs, follows, raids, and more can all easily activate Triggers in STRM.TOOL. You can also get viewer and channel data like follow age, sub count, and much more.


Get access to over a dozen free tools including death counters, a countdown timer, mouse and keyboard control, OBS Studio control, Elgato Key Light control, display rotation, a multiple Twitch tools.


Use the mouse and keyboard Triggers to interact with your games and other software. Move your mouse, press keys, swap/disable keys and mouse buttons, and more.


STRM.TOOL easily integrates with all major chat bots, even non-Twitch bots. Simply use the API function built into your bot to use a STRM.TOOL Trigger (check your bot’s documentation).

“Literally cannot run my stream without STRM.TOOL, Implementing it into my channel was the best decision I’ve made regarding my channel.”


All of your critical personal data is locally stored on your PC. The only identifying data that is stored remotely is your Twitch User ID (publicly available from Twitch) if you have been given free access to STRM.TOOL Premium


STRM.TOOL is incredibly lightweight, using less than 0.1% CPU on average and only about 12MB of RAM, so it won’t slow down your stream or your games.


Access and control STRM.TOOL over a network from multiple devices. Have your streaming PC send commands to your gaming PC, have your cloud based bot switch scenes in OBS Studio1, or even have your smart fridge move your mouse…if you want.


Get Premium to access advanced tools like custom progress bar overlays, reading/writing files, running programs, swapping keys and buttons, a quote system, text-to-speech, advanced math and comparison, and much, much more!

“STRM.TOOL removed so many obstacles in my path toward realizing my perfect stream. The only thing I need to figure out now is how is it gonna make my audience sandwiches?”


For a chance to have your clip of STRM.TOOL in action featured here and in the app, post it on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok with the hashtag #strmtool. Featured clips are updated every weekend.

If the link to the clip isn’t in the description or tweet, we will send you a DM asking for the link to the clip. Be sure to follow @strmtool on those platforms so we can send you a DM if your clip is selected.

“STRM.TOOL has taken complex coding and features and made them quick and easy to create, use, and modify with a clean user interface that is simple to use and understand. With STRM.TOOL, I can dial in my stream exactly how I want it and not have to settle for ‘close enough’ anymore!”

“It’s like if Kruiz Control and [Streamlabs Chatbot] had a baby and it only got the good chromosomes from each parent”
  • – OR SAVE 95% ANNUALLY –
  • Access all of these features for free:
  • – Control your PC directly or over the network with any other device
  • – Control over the internet with cloud-based chatbots1
  • – Web interface that can be accessed from any device on your local network
  • – Add STRM.TOOL as an OBS Studio browser dock
  • – Password protection on Triggers and the User Interface to prevent other people on the network from tampering with your setup
  • – Log actions and events to files
  • – Special formatting for pasting commands into common chatbots
  • – Simulate keyboard key presses
  • – Move mouse cursor
  • – Custom system alert boxes
  • – Unlimited, customizable “death” counters
  • – Countdown timer
  • – Get Twitch channel and user data2
  • – Search and get data about Twitch clips2
  • – Embed your Twitch live stream in a tweet2
  • – Convert between Twitch usernames and IDs2
  • – Directly control OBS Studio (change scenes, toggle sources, etc)3
  • – Send commands directly to Kruiz Control3
  • – Adjust Elgato Key Lights4
  • – Rotate displays
$4.99 USD/mo
  • Unlock Premium by subscribing to CrashKoeck on Twitch to get EVERYTHING IN BASIC ACCESS PLUS:
  • – Trigger Stacks (perform multiple actions with 1 call)
  • – Twitch Events (activate Triggers on Twitch Events like follows/subs/cheers/channel points/etc)2
  • – Reading and writing text files on your PC or between PCs (store long term data)
  • – Reading and writing INI/configuration files on your PC or between PCs (store user specific information like loyalty points)
  • – Reading text data from URLs
  • – Reading and parsing JSON data
  • – Keyboard key modification including swapping and disabling keys
  • – Mouse click and scroll
  • – Mouse button modification including swapping and disabling buttons or pressing a keyboard key instead when you click a button
  • – Mouse drag and drop
  • – Unlimited, fully customizable progress bar overlays that link to the unlimited “death” counters
  • – Run programs and files
  • – Run Windows command line actions as if you were in the Windows Command Prompt
  • – Launch games from your Steam library
  • – Quote system with easy add, edit, and retrieve
  • – Unlimited Text-to-Speech, not just with alerts
  • – A second countdown timer
  • – Compare 2 values (great for chat mini-games)
  • – Common programming functions like rounding, averaging, RNG, and more (great for advanced chat mini-games)
  • – All of the other features and benefits of being a subscriber on Crash’s Twitch channel

1A service like ngrok or setting up port forwarding on your router is required for control outside of your local network. ngrok easy setup included in STRM.TOOL

2Twitch login required

33rd party software not included with STRM.TOOL

4I couldn’t fit the Key Light into the installer, so you’ll have to buy one here